Katherine F. Bercasio

I'm your # 2

    The hot number you can turn to whenever #1 sounds too good to be true.

    There are a gazillion prospects for a project out there. Your inbox might be full of portfolios and pitches. So, why pick me?

    For starters, I am the real deal—no sugarcoating, no trimmings. I will, as simply and plainly as I can, deliver your requirements, help you reach your goals, and follow your ideal timeline. I won’t wow you with empty promises. Instead, armed with formidable career experience, I’ll be the better option—the one you didn’t think you wanted but actually can’t live without.

    Need more reason to pick no. 2? Well, my online portfolio https://kbercs.click is proof of why I’m person you’ll want on your team. My wealth of experience speaks largely of self-started or collaborative solutions for your most pressing design needs. Have a design dilemma? I can surely come to the rescue.

    My process for design is deliberate and dedicated, following a logical progression that clients can appreciate and follow: Research Analysis Design Prototype User Testing (and back to) Design

    With effective visuals, I can help you tickle your market’s imagination, help you engage your target market’s fickle mind, inspire brand loyalty, and improve the customer experience for your targeted market.

    My key design wins and principles: I have an understanding of how an appropriate design tells a story. I have been a creative journalist all my life. I love all things design. I live for typography and color palettes. I even love deadlines!

    My weaknesses: I may not be your number one candidate.

    But, I am pretty sure I’m the best one.

Volunteer and Advocacy Works

    Dedicated to the advancement of Filipino American Community in the United States for Creative and for Business fields.

Global Projects


Make things happen.
Let’s work together!

Going around California,
Michigan, Georgia or Florida, USA
(+1) 630 8532909

I'd be glad to hear from you!

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